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07 July 2009 @ 03:36 pm
Review Roundup XXIV  

So, not much actually happens in this movie.  The premise is that, in the future, they will have resorts that will mimic the old west or ancient
Rome where all the inhabitants are robots.  So you can feast with in-character robots, shoot in-character robots, have sex with in-character robots and so on.  Inevitably, of course, things go wrong, but that isn't the problem.  The problem is that they spend 3/4ths of the movie slowly showing off what life is like on the resort...and it gets kind of boring.  People mosey around in costume and play poker and drink whiskey and occasionally kill robots.  The danger only comes in like the last 15 minutes.  This whole movie could have been fit into a 30 minute Twilight Zone episode.  There is just too much moseying.

Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan
The one thing that really struck me throughout this entire movie was how old everybody looked.  They must not have preserved their actors as well back in the day, because there are wrinkles and grey hair and bellies all over the place.  And nowadays you rarely have an actor all old and droopy as the main character, let alone all of the main characters.

Also, there are very few traditional action sequences despite the fact that this is a tense and exciting movie.  All of the build up and movement tend to take place on the different bridges of different star ships.  Which is basically a bunch of people in a room all looking in the same direction.  Yet, despite Kirk and Montelban are never on screen at the same time, their interaction is witty, cutting and exciting.

Lucky Number Slevin
Only two things about this movie stand out.

1) Everybody in this movie talks like they are overeducated and employ speech writers.  Everybody speaks to each other in witty banter or long complicated monologues.  I kept on imagining the characters rereading their speeches again and again, waiting for someone to walk in so they could try it out.  This is especially noticeable when you have Morgan Freeman and Sir Ben Kingsly both acting like they have won Oscars or something.

2) The set designer must have been having a field day.  98% of this movie takes place in a few different rooms indoors, all of which have vastly different architecture styles, all of which are incredibly garish.  I mean, it was distracting, my eyes didn't know what to focus on, the actors giving speeches or the almost violent wallpaper.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Remember how some of the best parts of Iron Man were Robert Downey acting kind of twitchy and talking kind of quirky and fast?  Well this whole movie is that.  Very funny, very meta, loads of fun violence, excellent banter between
Downey and Val Kilmer.  Highly recommended.

S. Darko
As a sequel, this sucks.  While this was full of relatives from the first movie and looooved to use very similar shots (slow motion, musical montages, people looking up to the sky, fast forward shots, that shot that started out sideways) and framing techniques from Donnie, none of the tone of that movie comes along with it.

Of course, as a regular movie, this really, really sucks.  Characters don't interact with each other, and when they do, they don't have real conversations.  They just wander around, say one or two lines, and wander off somewhere else, usually in a slow motion musical montage.  I don't think there was a real conversation in the entire movie.  This movie was boring and pointless.  Who is this aimed at?  Someone who hadn't seen Donnie Darko would have no idea what is happening with all of these mean, weirdo characters.  A DD fan however, would also be bored and confused, but insulted on top of that.