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13 October 2008 @ 06:46 pm
Review Round Up X  
The Cell
Nobody does things people and society falling apart as well as Stephen King does.  This is King's stab at zombies (I might be wrong, this is the first zombie book he has done, right?) and it starts of very well, even thrillingly.  The violence and chaos that erupts in the minutes after the outbreak is described in horrifying detail.  Of course then King starts to go to his old habits, really really slowing things down, over describing things, and somebody always having some kind of telepathy or telekinesis for some reason. Though things pick up around the end, I am not going to read this again.
Time Travelers Wife
Despite the fact that is really is just a love story, and that is not really my bag, baby, I found this book to be phenomenal.  Truly, I was hugely engaged and drawn in.  Part is the excellent writing of the two main characters (the viewpoint switches back and forth) and how their love works.  The other part is the non-chronological aspect of their lives as they constantly see each other throughout time.  The author keeps this part easy by clearly labeling what year the chapter takes place in, and what age the protagonists are.  I love stories that mention in passing that some incident is coming or has passed and then spend the rest of the novel building suspense to the telling of that incident.  Due to the time traveling going on, this whole novel is like that, except most of the incidents aren't harrowing tales, but stories of life and love.  Truly, top notch, fully recommended.
This is one of my favorite movies.  I love how well this ensemble cast works, with every role of the sneaker team coming off note perfect.  I love how the kind of snooping they get up to involves more detective work then just boring computer hacking, ie. they look things up in the telephone book, get architectural plans from city hall, figure out the location of items by listening to what people say, steal things with slights of hand, costumes and teamwork, and looking through peoples garbage to get the low down.  For a movie that is all about computer codes and cryptography, Sneakers is charmingly low tech.  In fact, Sneakers is just plain charming.
Mamma Mia
Really, quite enjoyed this on Broadway.  In the movies, found it kind of boring.
Pineapple Express
I quite enjoyed how we saw in no uncertain circumstances that the main characters of this movie spend the entire movie (if not their lives) completely stoned.  They will have an important mission to accomplish, but stop first to toke up.  On the way to accomplishing that mission, they will also stop to toke up.  Anytime they are driving, they will toke up.  This goes a way to explaining why they act like such hilarious idiots half the time.  I also liked the extended 10 minute fight scene between two people who did not know how to fight, only how to semi-hurt and annoy each other.  This fight scene was spread out throughout the blood drenched utterly violent action finale.  Really very, very funny.
Monster Island
While I loves my zombie fiction (or non-fiction), this write up of the end of the world was kind of depressing.  One of the main characters is a coward and the other is a monster.  The world is basically finished.  This novel did have some interesting and original ideas, but ultimately just took them to depressing ends.